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The internet presents a tremendous opportunity for people around the world to have virtually any type of information they need right at their fingertips.


Ordering Employer Tax Forms
IRS Phone Numbers

Electronic Payment Options

Employer ID Number Fax Request

State Tax Telephone Numbers


Federal Depreciation Rates  

Automobile Rates

Depreciation Adjustment On Mileage Rate
Cents Per Mile Valuation Rule

Luxury Car Depreciation Limits

Annual Lease Value Tables

Lease Value Inclusion Amounts

Interest Rates

IRS Rates On Under/Over Payments
Applicable Federal Rates

Blended Annual Applicable Federal Rates

Fringe Benefits

Per Diem Amounts - High/Low Rates
Standard Industry Fare Level

W-2 Life Insurance Add-Back Table


Glossary of Tax and Business Terms (A to M)
Glossary of Tax and Business Terms (N to Z)
Business Abbreviations

Internal Revenue Bulletins - Keep up with the newest changes in procedure and official rulings! This section of the IRS site brings you Treasury Decisions, Executive Orders, Tax Conventions, legislation, court decisions, and other interesting information in a series of weekly publications.

IRS Publications - The IRS publishes guides on hundreds of different topics.  You can download a specific IRS Publication at this site.

IRS Comment on Proposed Regulations - An IRS site which lists the proposed regulations that are available for public comment.

Taxpayer Advocate - If you are having a problem with IRS compliance (either filing or paying), you can try their taxpayer advocate service.

IRS Tax Topics   An excellent IRS site with topics organized by category

IRS Frequently Asked Questions  The most frequently asked questions posed by category and sub-category

IRS Information For Business  Contains a summary of information useful for new and existing businesses.

Valuation Guide For Noncash Charitable Contributions - There is no definitive guide for valuing your old underwear for charitable purposes, but this site will give you some idea of what the average thrift shop values are.

Other Useful Tax Sites

Tax & Accounting Sites Directory
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